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Upper Upper to Deer Creek

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This is not a new trail but a description on how to link some great trails in crested butte, colorado. I spend on average 3-4 weeks in Crested Butte from the beginning of June till hte end of September. This has allowed me to really explore the area and link up trails to really get a great workout and find the limitations of my endurance.

So as a starting point I will recommend the town of Gothic. From Gothic, ride down Gothic road back towards Crested Butte. Follow your Trail guide's instructions to the Trail called Upper. Once on the Upper Trail, follow the trail to the Upper, Upper Trail. you can't miss it, you will run right into it before you even know you ar ethere. Just follow the trail signs and you can't go wrong, Crested Butte is very well marked. Follow Upper Upper Trail to Brush Creek Road. Once at the intersection of Brush Creek and Upper Upper Trail, take a left onto Brush Creek Road. Follow this until you get to a your first split in the Brush Creek fireroad. The trail sign will point you to the left as long as you are following the signs to Deer Creek Trail. THis part is a it of a huffer. only advice STAY HIGH. you'll know what i mean when you first ride this doubletrack. you'll follow this spur for about anther mile or two. when you get to the next intersection, once again follow the Trail sign to Deer Creek Trail. Once you turn onto the fireroad that leads you to Deer Creek you are in for an adventure. 10+ miles of up and down, wear your ass out singletrack. some areas don't look so bad until you are righ up on them so be careful. Remember you are out in the middle of no where and the only person that will get you out safely is yourself, so self restraint is a must. Sit back, pedal hard and enjoy the views of Crested Butte Mtn's north side and Gothic Mountain. Deer Creek dumps out onto a fireroad near the town of Gothic. When you hit this fireroad take a right. this road will lead you to Gothic Road. Take a right and you will be in Gothic no time.

The only advice i can give you is bring at least one extra layer, a rain jacket, leg warmers, 100oz or more of water, 5-6 gu's and some type of hard food, clif bars or whatever. Oh and at least two tuves and a patch kit. DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS RIDE WITHOUT A MAP, SOMEONE WHO KNOWS THE AREA VERy, VERY WELL OR YOU HAVE A GUIDEBOOK THAT EXPLAINS THE TERRAIN. DON'T GET IN OVER YOUR HEAD, THIS IS A 25+ MILE TRIP OF HARD HIGH ALTITUDE RIDING. IT IS ALWAYS BEST TO RIDE WITH A BUDDY.

Enjoy and look for my other trail link-up directions you'll wonder why you never thought of it.
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start in gothic proper. ride down towards crestted butte on gothic road and follow directions in your guide book on instructions to the trail called Upper. this wil lead you to trail Upper Upper and then to West Brush Creek fireroad and then to Deer Creek Trail. It is important that you have a map as this ride encompases roughly 25 miles of riding. If ou are not familiar with the area, do not go anywhere without a map or guide book. They can be found at Crested Butte's bike shops.
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Singletrack & Fire Roads
Gothic, Crested Butte
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