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Uncompahgre Plateau trails

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150+ miles of trails on Uncompahgre Plateau adjacent to the Tabegauche Epic trail built by COPMOBA.org.

these trails spur and loop off Tabeguache Trail and Divide Road.

trials are one-way spurs and loops...

some head down canyons, some dead-head at cliffs, and some loop thru aspen meadows.

BLM/ NFS maps essential. TM are posted available for viewing at BLM/NFS entrance and on Divide Road at major intersections. but strongly suggest you get maps from BLM/NFS. if you get lost you will be good and lost.
see website below for other books/maps.

this is an extremely isolated area and you should approach with good planning. if you get lost you will be good and lost.

especially thrilling is approx. 30+ mile ride down thru Escalante Canyon, decending approx. 4000' to Delta. driveable by 2WD SUV. for scenery you want for nothing on this trail.

you pass by several historical and geological distinctives area in escalante conservation area/dominquez wilderness.(both recently designated such by Obama).

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