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Raggeds Trail

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I read about the Ragged Trails in several guidebooks and as I drove over to Crested butte for biking and kayaking I wondered what it was like. Both books that I found it in described it as scenic in the fall, warned not to ride after rain, and included mile by mile descriptions. One book was the Aspen to Glenwood guide, and the other was the Crested Butte/Gunnison/Salida guidebook. I wanted to ride it partly because it wasn't on this forum and I couldn't find anyone in Basalt/Carbondale who had ever ridden it. It is very scenic especially toward the end. The riding is so so with steep loose descents on both single and doubletrack. I wouldn't drive from Denver to ride this trail, but if I lived in the area and had ridden a lot of other trails I might do it. I will probably do it once every year or two since I live int he area.

The trail: start by dropping a car at the base of Kebler pass at the Erickson Springs Campground 6 miles off of 133, then drive another car to the top of McClure pass. Ride up the gravel road that heads South/east from the top of the pass for 2.8 miles until you see a signed post for trail 820 Ragged Mtn. Trail. Continue a rolling climb until you top out at almost 10,000 ft 4 miles after leaving your car. You then begin a side hilling descent on Singletrack that goes in and out of drainages. Get in low gear on the descents for the super steep climbs out of the drainages. There is some good singletrack in here through the dark timber/aspen forests. Eventually you will come to a road with a bunch of private property signs. You continue on this road for almost a mile following the orange diamonds. You will pass a lake and a house on your right and arrive a Y. Go left it is pretty obvious. Start a steep climb that is over quickly and tops out with a sick view of buck Basin. The singletrack is directly across the road (see picture) truly a beautiful spot. Descend super steep singletrack and cross a few deadfall. You will eventually be on a road. Look for a road coming in on the left and another trailhead sign directing you to singletrack. It will take you to a creek crossing shortly followed by a horrendously steep hike a bike (short). You will then ride a mix of single/double through some pastures and then along a fence line. Shortly after leaving the fence line you will drop on doubletrack down to a clearing. As you leave the clearing you will be looking directly at the Ragged Ridge (see second pic). There is a cattle trail with orange X's spray painted on trees leading out of the clearing on the right. Forget about it and climb for 1000ft on the road looking at ragged ridge the whole time. You will stay on double track for the rest of the ride and most intersections are obvious or marked. Enjoy the views of the many lakes, mountains, and aspens. It took us with a dog exactly 4 hours to complete the ride.
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