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Paradox Trail

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The Paradox Trail was established in 1995 by COPMOBA to connect the Kokopelli Trail in Utah's LaSal Mtns to the Tabeguache Trail on the Uncompaghre Plateau. Utilizing some of the hundreds of miles of old jeep roads in western Montrose County, the Paradox traverses across some of the most rugged and remote terrain in the lower 48. The Paradox Trail completes what is now referred to as the Grand Loop (GL), a 360 backcountry course sure to challenge the strongest riders. Even though the route is primarily on two track, don't be fooled thinking this is a fast or easy trail. Ever changing trail conditions on ungroomed track through wilderness posses many challenges coupled with major elevation changes. The solitude and scenic beauty are unmatched in this geographically unique section of western Colorado. Lower elevation trail heads exist close to Nucla and along Hwy 141 south of Gateway.
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