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Old Church Fork Trail

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This is a trail I've ridden often for ten years, it's rarely used by anyone, I'm writing about it because I moved away, and I don't go there anymore. Most any day, you'll have it all to yourself. It is a steady climb on an old 4WD road, closed in the 70's to vehicles, was originally for logging. It has 5 large erosion berms, four creek crossings, and follows the Chruch Creek up into the national forest. Where you park , there's room for about three cars, and it's directly across from Camp Rosalie. You follow the old road up about two miles, on a steady climb, cross the creek, through an old campsite and around a switchback. It ends abrubtly about a mile further. To come down, about a hundred feet before the end, there's an obscure road going straight down, follow this down, and you'll come out back at the old campsite. Fly down at top speed over the yee'haw's and through the creeks, back to your vehicle. Takes about 1 1/2 to 2 hours.
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Trail Directions
Drive US Hwy. 285, to Crow Hill, turn right, drive back 8 miles to the 'Y' in the road, go uphill, over the top, & down the hill till you get to the horse pasture, take an immediate left, toward Meridian Trail, drive past the houses, down, then up a small hill. Across from Camp Rosalie, on the right, is a small pulloff, this is the trailhead.
Trail Length
6 miles out and back
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Fire Roads
Bailey, Colorado
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