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Middle Frisco trail

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A beautiful single track that climbs deep into the high alpine terrain of Colorado. 7 miles one way, 14 miles out and back.
This ride begins at the confluence of west and middle Frisco Creek. From here the single track parallels Middle Frisco Creek all the way up to Frisco Lake. Or you can take the West Frisco ATV trail up (a slightly easier climb), and the singletrack Middle Frisco trail back down. The trail begins at 9,500 ft and climbs up to 12,000 ft at the lake.
The first half of the trail has a smooth flow though the aspens and pines as it meanders up, down and around while maintaining an overall steady climb. Riders can expect to negotiate a few stationary rocks and tree roots. As Frisco Creek valley gets steeper, the trail has a series of switch backs that are a little loose and rocky but all rideable. The trail here is more technical because it is looser, rockier and more exposed than the lower part. As you near the lake, you will emerge above the tree line and behold some amazing Colorado views. Once reaching the lake, you are ready to reverse your tracks and begin 2,500 vertical feet of pure downhill fun!

To get to Middle Frisco Trail from South Fork, take highway 160 east approx 14 miles to Del Norte. Drive through town until you see the car wash on the right or South side of the road. Just after the car wash take a right on French Street or County Road 13. This road starts out paved and turns into a well maintained dirt road accessible by a low clearance 2WD vehicle. Continue on this road for about 9 miles where you will come across the signed trail head.

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