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Herman Lake

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The trail starts out mellow enough as it is buffed double track for the initial climb. Turn left at the intersection towards Herman Lake and get ready for a brutal climb up gnarly double track with roots and rocks. The trail heads up with very little relief for its 3.5 mile length to the Lake. There will be lots of hikers and dogs, as this is a recommended trail in "Canine Colorado" There are several gonzo-technical sections and water crossings. Once you clear the trees, it is a grunt up to the lake. There is a junction with the CD trail about 1/4 mile before the lake that will head towards Jones pass, but I don't know if it's do-able. Take a rest by the lake and contemplate the views of the CD and cool your feet in the cool water. Contemplate going on or heading back down for one of the hairiest downhills around. Keep your weight back and stay off the front brake unless you have to stop for hikers. I'd give it 4 tires if you go during the week when there' s less foot traffic and three during the weekend when it is crowded. Still, a great place to get some climbing descending and technical skills together all in one ride.
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Trail Directions
I70 to exit 218 and follow signs to the trailhead. Plenty of parking. There is a 2-hole outhouse adjacent to the trailhead. The sign indicates that its open to bikes, but I did not see any on the day that I went.
Trail Length
3.5 one way/2200+ feet climbing
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November 13, 2003

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Reviewed by: Dan Montgomery ,  Cross Country Rider

This is a hike-a-bike for sure.This is a very popular hikers trail. It does become rideable after the first mile or so.
I suggest the right turn below the lake to explore the route to the divide.It is awsome single track,but becomes to steep to ride up. It is all rideable down and great.
From the junction on up to the lake is maybe to steep to ride and full of hikers.
This trail is a must see once. Packed on weekends.
If you want to give mtn.biking a bad name, this is the place. If you enjoy scaring the hell out of old ladies, it is easy sneaking up behind them on the downhill,be loud and patient.Let them discover you first.
Sorry, this is a trail review,not a lecture.
If your coming up from Denver,Silverplume south is better riding.
Save Herman for when you need to take your mom for a hike.
I`m giving this trail only one flaming homosapein because between the hikers and the hiking it is hard to find a pace.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)