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Fooses Creek

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This is one of the many options that are presented to you when you ride from Monarch Pass along the Monarch Crest trail. Fooses (actually South Fooses) Descends to the east side of the crest and continental divide about 3-4 miles into the Crest Trail. If shuttled from the pass its about a 2-2.5 hour ride that can be done without too much effort. The reward is a long almost uninterrupted dowhn hill along South Fooses creek. As you leave the Crest Trail, there is a steep and loose descent into the valley. This feels exposed but isn''t too bad. Then the next several miles get more technical with some streem crossings and rockl sections that are rideable or walkable if your not feeling up to it. The trail maintains this pace while in the high alpine forest. As the trail descends you enter a more temperate forest and the fun really starts. The trail staightens out and widens to allow much higher speeds. There are lots of oppportunities to work on your speed and flow as water bars become launches to clear rocky roll offs. The last 2-3 miles of downhill are along the 4wd road that accesses the trail from the Salida side of Monarch Pass. This is WAY fast and very fun, but whatch for uphill vehicles. You descend almost all the way to Highway 50 where its not hard to thumb a ride to the top when your obviously an MTBer.
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Trail Directions
Take Highway 50 to the top of Monarch Pass. Ride behind the Tram, follow the single track to the right, then back on the fire road for the steepest longest climbs of the ride. Then back on the single track to the right and proceed on the crest for another couple miles. This section is beautiful and not too draining as it rolls from saddle to saddle. South Fooses will be marked with a sign pointing to the left and also denoted with a Colorado Trail sign becuase its part of the Colorado Trail. Proceed down the east side of the devide and its all downhill from there.
Trail Length
9-10 Miles
Trail Level
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads
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