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Deep Creek Trail 806

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This trail is 13 miles of downhill across nearly 3,000 ft of elevation loss on single track the entire time!
Yeah, this trail is unbelievable. It is a super hidden gem, and I have thought of adding it a few summers in a row now, but selfishly kept it to myself. Almost all my friends that have ridden it, have agreed it is one of the most enjoyable trails they've ridden.
The trail is a SHUTTLE. It can be ridded up and back, but it really isn't any fun that way. I will write shuttling instructions here, but it's much easier to view the map i have drawn, that you can find here

First the car at the bottom.
From Creede drive west on 149 until you get to Deep Creek road, take a left and head back east on deep creek road, You will drive for around 3 miles and see a sign for Deep Cr. trail head 806. Take a right and park your car in the dirt lot situated a few 100 ft off the road.
Now to the top.
Get back on Deep Creek road and head back the way you came, now going west. When you get back to 149 you will take a left. A few miles down you will see a turn off for Middle Creek road, turn left onto middle creek road. You will follow Middle creek until it turns into a dirt road. Soon after turning into dirt the road will split. Bear left at the split towards lime creek trail head. This road will wind around for about a mile or two and you will come to a right turn, take a right, and then after about 100 ft you'll take a left. There will be a sign about logging traffic. You will now stay on this road until it ends. It will go up to lime creek trail head, but at the trail head you'll go left and just continue onward. There are amazing aspens in this area so it is great fall scenery. See this link for a preview www.panoramio.com/photo/11241672
When you get to the end the road will stop and be blocked by some logs and a national forest "no motorized vehicles" post. This is where you'll park.
Time to Ride!
For here the trail snakes around the outside of the valley, the trail is not very ridden, but is pretty easy to follow. You will ride up a little hill and then descend into the spruce forrest, where you can grab some killer speed and slide out your turns. From there it is just one great section after another. Some highlights include, riding across creeks, treacherous root and rock gardens, and amazing slalom style meadows.
All in all the time it takes to ride this trail can vary but generally takes between an hour or 2, depending on how often you stop and how fast you ride.
I hope some of you guys get a chance to ride this trail it really is a great time, and fun for beginners to experts.
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September 23, 2010

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Reviewed by: Matt ,  Cross Country Rider

This is a beautiful trail that doesn't seem to get a lot of riders but is in great shape. The directions given by the previous reviewer are great and were used to get there. It's a long drive up but it's worth it.

Scenery changes throughout the entire ride from deep woods to rock gardens and wide open views of the town of Creede. I rode the trail twice in two days and only saw an older man hiking and one group of about 6 hikers the first day. I didn't see anyone else besides a family of deer the second day.

Creeks flow throughout the entire trail either alongside, across, or below the trail. There are about 4 or 5 deep water crossings, one of which had a huge hidden hole that caused me to almost endo when I tried to ride through it. Some a couple of crossings have bridges but most don't.

There was probably only 100-200 yards of total up hill pedaling throughout the entire 13 mile ride. I would hate to ride up it but down was certainly a lot of fun!

I have about 90 photos of the road up to the trail, the trail, and the trail head in this album:


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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)