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Cherry Creek

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Most riders will park their car at the trailhead/parking area at the cattle guard at the end of the pavement on Buford Road. From the trailhead ride to the top of Buford Road to the large parking area and restrooms, approximately 8 miles. From the parking lot at the top of Buford Road, take FS 819 to the east for 1 mile. Cherry Creek Trail will start on your left with a carsonite trail marker. Shortly after joining the Cherry Creek singletrack you will come to a trail junction, one trail heading off to the right and another trail continuing straight ahead. Both trails are part of the Cherry Creek trail, so either direction is acceptable, however most riders will find the straight option more desirable for mountain biking. Continue straight on the Cherry Creek trail. The trail travels through the forest, at times steep but generally along at a gentle grade. After a few creek crossings you will find yourself in a nice meadow. On your right you will see another trail joining your trail, this is the other Cherry Creek trail option that you didn't take joining back up. Continue through the meadow, cross a small creek and get ready for the highlight section of the Cherry Creek Trail. Fast and flowy the next couple of miles are fast fun. You may encounter a few gates along the way. If they are open, keep them open, if they are closed, please close them after you pass through them. After a ripping decent you will be face with a very brief climb followed by a technical decent back down to Buford Road. Assuming you parked at the cattle guard, take a left and enjoy a fast ride back to your car.
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