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Lion Gulch

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This trail is 12 miles towards Estes Park on 36 if you are starting in Lyons. The parking will be on the left side of the road. It starts fairly easy with a short decent with some small drops but things get hard very soon after. The first technical section will be a hike-a-bike for most everyone, though rideable on the way down if you have an AM bike. It continues to climb in the most beautiful woods you will find on the front range, crossing a small stream in multiple places. The trail is punctuated with large boulders, babyheads, etc and makes some of the sections extremely technical, made harder by the very narrow trail in some places. After an exhausting yet short 2.5 miles, the trail levels out onto a sandy path and continues for about half a mile into a gorgeous meadow with 100 + year old homesteads you can explore. Apparently the trail continues on to Estes Park if you wish, as well as numerous branches that lead to more homesteads. When you turn around, it will be a hard technical ride back down if you can even stay on your bike. The two extremely technical and steep downhill sections are probably ridable by some, but most will have to dismount. Close to the end of the trail to the left is a small horse trail that bisects the first (and last) technical slope if you don't want to try and descend it.
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