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Byrd''s Adventure Center

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This trail is located across the road from Byrd''s Adventure Center in cass, ar. My bf and I rented bikes from there in the spring and took this trail because it was supposed to be a good according to the people running the place. From the very beginning my bf''s bike''s chain kept slipping off. Every so often it would break again and we would have to stop. That slowed us down quite a bit. The trail was not well kept at all. There were huge logs in the way that we had to stop for. The trail at first wasn''t too bad but it was pretty boring. Then the trail disappeared completely. No markers or signs of a trail. There were no maps of the trail available so we were pretty much on our own. We started out in the morning and it was not until 9 o''clock that night when we finally found the highway. We ended up a couple miles from where we were supposed to have ended. My bf''s bike then was permanently broke so we had to walk our bikes back to the place. We got there and the man that rented them to us told us he knew that the bike was broken! It was amazing that we found our way out of the woods. This is a horrible trail. Do not attempt to ride it. You will get lost unless you have a GPS system.
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October 19, 2005

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Reviewed by: BrockOtaco ,  Weekend Warrior

I don't know how accurate this review is. Most of the bike trails at Byrd's were made for a downhill series and are probably unmaintained when not being raced on. These trails are great when they are race ready. The rest of the trails in this area are either 4x4 trails, FS Road and ATV/Motorcycle trails. From what I've found these trails go for miles. This would be a good place to ride if you know where you are going and have a GPS to keep from getting lost. But that's half the fun right?

Overall, I recommend Byrds as a great place to camp and ride. I don't think you're going to find any endless ribbons of bench cut singletrack, but for general exploring and some ripping downhills, Byrds can't be beat.

Recommended Route:
Climb up the fire road across from Byrds and stay on it. Bomb down big rock crawler hill down to Herrods creek. Go back in the woods and get lost.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)