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Yuma Colorado River Wetlands Trails

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There is an extensive network of urban trails in Yuma that begin near the Hilton Garden Inn and Pivot Point. You can also start at the city park near the old territorial prison. There are a variety of routes and nothing much is marked yet--too new I suppose.

I began at the Hilton Hotel, rode west to the Quartermaster Point Park and then headed back east on the obvious bike path. Below the prison, you can take a dirt trail along the river--there are various threads here--follow your nose. You cannot get lost--the trail is two-track and will eventually loop you around a big wetlands area and then head back west along a canal. Continue west past the hotel on the obvious bike path which will eventually end at another city park near the Riverside RV Park. Take the road north over the canal and pick up more dirt tracks in the West Wetlands area. You should eventually come upon a monument to the Mormon Battalion. Some of these trails seem quite sandy but my 29-er handled it just fine.
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