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Upper Javelina/Wild Mustang/Alamo Spring/Spur/Wild Burro Loop

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This trail starts near the entrance to the Ritz Carlton Golf Club in Dove Mtn. Marana. I have posted a link here with a description and pictures from the Tucson Mountain Bikers website. There is a lot of other info on local trails there too. The loop I describe will take a fit biker around 4 hours to complete, maybe a little more if unfamiliar with the terrain. It is difficult in places, but rewarding nonetheless. Mixture of steep loose climbs, rocky descents, tight switchbacks and epic views. A true Arizona high desert experience! I am not sure exactly how long in miles this ride is, around 20 I believe. I have marked the skill level as advanced, altho there are some extreme bits. This is where you will get off and push a bit, until you get more familiar with it. There is a lot of HAB in places!
I have marked the TH flag where the gate is to the start of the Upper Javelina near the golf course entrance. Don't be put off by the gate security at the resort entrance, read the trail description on my link at TMTB.com and this will show you how to bypass them. I have a pdf map as well if anyone would like, or you can find it at dovemountaincivicgroup.org/hiking and look for the link to the map of the Tortolita Mtns. Hiking and Biking . Enjoy!
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