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Trail 100

Average Rating:    (3.81 of 5)

No. of Reviews: 32

Trail 100 is 22 miles of rolling fun. It is not tecnically difficult, but is very fun and fast. From Dreamy Draw you can head East or West. Both sections are fun, but the trail to the East is best.
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Trail Directions
Start at Dreamy Draw Recreation Area
Trail Length
22 miles
Trail Level
Trail Type

Review Date
October 29, 2006

Overall Rating
 5 of 5

Aerobic Difficulty
 4 of 5

Technical Difficulty
 4 of 5

Ridden Trail:
Once a week

Visitors rate this review
4.50 of 5, 8.00 votes

Reviewed by: Continental ,  Cross Country Rider

I see far too many “it’s too easy” or “it’s too flat” reviews here not to speak up. I live right off of trail 100 and can honestly say that I’ve see few trail systems with as many options for all difficulty levels (yes, even you “it’s not National” people); especially so friggin’ close to the center of a huge city.

Here’s the deal with T100- as it says above, there are 22 miles between the endpoints on the trail, however, if you were to add in all of the fully legal side trails (220, 1A, 1B, 220A, etc.) I’d bet that the whole thing is well over 75 miles of consistent, fun singletrack. The best part is that you can chose your poison even within a larger group because most spurs end up back on the main trail. For example, there are rolling wide sections for beginners or speed demons (Dreamy Draw T100 East); Great swooping technical baby head drops for intermediates to learn how to flow with some nice steep climbs that will challenge almost any good rider (Described below); Wonderful technical climbing routes through Dreamy Draw Park with some real drops (sprinkled with blood today to make it real) that would be classified as “advanced” just about anywhere; the ridge trails and a few others in the park offer full-on, best have a long travel bike sort of fun with chimneys, 3 foot boulder drops, big exposure and rotten soil.

My point is that people tend to stick to the most obvious trails and then belly-ache because it didn’t meet their expectations. Instead, what they should have done is take the time to explore and when in doubt, head UP!

Recommended Route:
Suggested Routes
7th St - West to 19th Ave (yes, there is a legal 100 extension beyond Central)
Dreamy Draw – East to 44th St

Intermediate-Advanced with more difficult suggestions added
7th St. to Dreamy Draw Loop (runs tons of trail with only about 50% repeated)
Go right up steep 1A extension after passing the Point property- tough climbing leads to a nice ridge with a fun decent
After Cave Creek stay high on 1A and track around 2 great hills full of FAST trail (or after 1st hill head right between to ridge for steep decent followed by a challenging technical climb that rejoins 1A above a rocky decent to 100)
Flow through the lava section, top out on ridge, descend through occasionally sketchy talus and then up serpentine climb (steep followed by steeper and technical) then drop into DD park
FOLLOW HORSE TUNNEL SIGNS at junction and climb brief but nice lava flow at the tunnel exit.
Join 100 for about 100 feet, look left for 220A sign on indistinct trail- leads to gnarly drop followed by another climb until rejoining 100 for about 400m- head south on another 220 spur that winds up and through scrub until heading back down to 220 (there is a really tough and lose trail to the left in the middle of this spur- take it up to the ridgeline and bring your full-face helmet)
Take 220 down and then back up to the south until intersecting the main trail bisecting the park (1A) climb wide trail and head left at top until a singletrack starts on the right; follow this track to top of ridge and drop off the back side for a heck of a fun downhill (beware of the hikers, the trail can be lose and stopping at full tilt difficult!)
Head back to parking lot on trail to right and back on to 100 heading west.
Here you can either head back the way you came with two stiff climbs or head to the right 100m after the Rt51 tunnel (before the first climb) this route has one of the toughest non-technical climbs on 100 and then plummets back to 100 after the ridge.
Stay high again on the 1A spurs or drop down to the flat stuff at the base for a rest as you spin home.

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