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Schnebley Hill Trail

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If you haven''t climbed enough after Munds Wagon Trail continue on up Schnebley Hill Trail. The most challenging thing about this trail is the fear factor of riding off the edge! The veiws are some of the most spectacular in Sedona. You look down on Cow Pies and Schnebley Hill Road. The top of this trail is at 6,200 feet. Munds Wagon starts at 4,500 feet.
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Trail Directions
Drive up Schnebley Hill Road(Dirt)or ride up Munds Wagon Trail. A short distance past Merry Go Round Rock on the North side of the road (right hand side) is the lower end of the trail. You can also access the trail by going up to the Schnebley Hill Vista. Just past the vista on the opposite side of the road is a rough Jeep road that has lots of lava boulders. Ride this road, very fun, along the rim. When you see the satelite tower turn right and head down and stay to the right.
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