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Red Cloud Mine Road

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Drive on US 95 north out of Yuma heading toward Quartzite. Approximately 42 miles from the center of Yuma, and just past the Imperial Dam Recreation area road (with the two large anti-missile cannons) you will see a turn off for the Martinez Lake Road. Turn left (west) on this and head about 10 miles to the small village of Martinez Lake. Before you get into the village, look for a road heading north (where the marker on the map above is) named Red Cloud Mine Road. Take this dirt road. Go all the way past the Visitor Center turnoff, north to the Painted Desert Trail head and park there if you want. Restrooms are provided. You can bike the dirt road from here, or you can drive a bit further north to the Smoke Tree Point and ride from there, shortening your ride. From Smoke Tree Point, it is about 7 miles to the Rosebud Mine which you will recognize from the large, gray tailings pile and some buildings. There are mine shafts during the last 2 miles of the ride, and beautiful painted desert and start country to ride through. Turn around at the mine and head back. No steep hills except one heading down into Yuma Wash but there is not a lot of sand and the riding is relatively easy. Best in January or February. No one is out here since much of the area is in the Yuma Proving Ground which tells you where to go to escape the crowds!
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January 17, 2014

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Reviewed by: KirkAstroth ,  Weekend Warrior

Beautiful area in the Yuma area if you are looking to get out in the desert away from everyone. Lots of beauty along this trail and some incredible mine shafts.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)