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Inner Basin

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The Inner Basin trail is a steep double-track jeep road that has some rocky sections and some loose sections, but is mostly just a steep, winding road through the forest.

Lots of hikers.

The trail starts out at about 8500 ft and crosses the Waterline road about 1.5 miles up at about 9500 ft, but the Inner Basin trail continues up another 1.5 miles or so to the Weatherford trail, which is in the Kachina wilderness area and closed to bikes.

The section above the Waterline road is steep and covered with loose gravel that makes the climb a grind. It tops out at just under 10,000 ft.

At the top of the trail is a beautiful mountain meadow with a view through the mountains to the NE as far as the eye can see.

Going down is a bit scrambly on the upper half of the trail due to the loose gravel. Going down the bottom half is fun.

If you can arrange a shuttle, you can ride 10 miles down the Waterline road from where the Inner Basin trail crosses it. This is a smooth easy descent through beautiful pines and aspens with some outstanding views.

Waterline road ends just above the Shultz Creek parking lot, and you can continue the descent down Shultz Creek trail to complete a 14 mile down hill cruise.
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Trail Directions
From Highway 89 N of Flag take the FR 545 turnoff west to the mountains. Follow the signs on up to Lockett Meadow.There are quite a few day use parking spots, and 17 "primitive" (no water) camp sites. Day use costs $5. Camping is $8.At the back of the loop around the meadow is the entrance to the Inner Basin trail. You can't miss it.
Trail Length
3 miles
Trail Level
Trail Type
Fire Roads

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Review Date
June 7, 2004

Overall Rating
 3 of 5

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Reviewed by: kAZ ,  Weekend Warrior

Inner Basin is a steep climb through the forest. It doesn't look all that steep; but I could barely get out of granny gear. Maybe the altitude was a factor.

The lower half is fun. The upper half is a grind, but the alpine meadow at the top is a decent payoff.

I did the lower half again the next day and then rode down the Waterline road and Shultz Creek trail to the bottom of the Mt. Elden trails parking lot.

Up Inner Basin 1.5 miles to Waterline took me about 30 minutes. Down Waterline and the Shultz Creek trail was a little under 15 miles to make the whole thing about 16.4 miles. I rode the downhill at a leisurely pace; the whole route took a total of just over two hours.

The Inner Basin trail gets low technical marks; it's basically a steep fire road with some rocky sections. Overall it's not that spectacular of a biking trail, but it's a nice forest trail and if you've come to Lockett Meadow and you have your bike it's worth riding. I wouldn't recommend going out of your way just to ride Inner Basin though.

I suppose the aerobic is somewhat difficult since if you do the full 3 miles up Inner Basin you climb from about 8500 ft to just under 10,000 ft, but it didn't seem all that exhausting.

Recommended Route:
Up, up, up. Then down.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)