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Haulapai Trail

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This route is on Mohave County Park and BLM lands. The Park charges a small fee for day use. It is posted as a foot, bike, and horse trail. There are several other routes that are closed to bikes, so read the trail signs. It was not designed with bikes in mind, but it is worth checking out since the top of the trail reaches 8250, just below Hualapai Peak (8417) the highest mountain in Western Arizona. The trail starts at 6200 feet and climbs 2050 feet. There are patches of aspen, gambles oak, douglas fir, and white fir along this trail. The first 1.04 miles of trail is very steep single track, with a few impossible steps and switchbacks. Then the route follows a very steep but smooth fire road (closed to vehicles) for 2.01 miles, very fast on the way down. The last 1.74 miles is an abandoned road that is severely eroded, very steep, and slippery. My first ride on this route involved a lot of walking on the way up, and even a little on the way down. The trail stops 167 feet short of the peak, which can only be reached by a semi-technical scramble up a granite outcrop through chaparral.
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Trail Directions
From Interstate 40 take exit 52. Turn South on Stockton Hill Road. Stockton Hill turns into Hualapai Mountain Road. The trailhead has a sign for Aspen Peak Trail. If you reach the Park Entrance Station you have went a half-mile too far. Follow the drainage to the left to a second bridge, cross and head south.
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4.79 one-way Miles
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Singletrack & Fire Roads
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