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Cherum Peak Trail

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This trail is pretty damn tough. Mountain bikes are allowed though. It's very steep and sketchy with lots of switchbacks. The view at the top of 7000 ft-high Cherum peak is definitely worth it! It's a fantastic place to just sit, relax, think, enjoy the view... whatever.
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Trail Directions
From Kingman, head out on 93 towards Vegas. After the turnoff to Chloride you'll see a BLM sign that says "Big Wash Rd." Turn right here. The road is dirt... a car can handle it just fine, but I recommed a truck or SUV or whatever. Take it all the way up the mountain. You'll pass a couple campgrounds. Just pass the second campground, you'll see the trailhead on the left.
Trail Length
a few miles (can't remember, but it's not too long)
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