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This slightly obscure singletrack is great for creating a larger loop using some of the more well know Prescott trails (see below). It descends from 307 quite steeply down to Walker road, with an enjoyable mix of dirt, rocks, roots, and tight switchbacks. Challenging to ascend, but very doable. Not nearly as well trafficed as trails such as 305 or 307; short, but enjoyable.
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Trail Directions
This trail links the 307 (Spruce Mountain or Groom Creek loop) with Walker road (the dirt continuation of the road from which one can access 305 s of Costco).
Trail Length
~1-2 Miles
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Review Date
December 31, 2011

Overall Rating
 3 of 5

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 4 of 5

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 3 of 5

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Every few months

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Reviewed by: Jayem ,  Cross Country Rider

Pretty straight forward, a few rocks, no serious tech sections, some switchbacks lower, consistant downhill/uphill. Ends up in ferns and aspens, real nice during the summer months and makes a nice loop on Walker Road with 297/Spruce Mtn.

Recommended Route:
Go up Spruce Mtn 3.5, ride down Spruce Mtn Road to Smith Ravine 297, then ride down Smith Ravine to Walker Road, ride Walker Road to 277, up 277 to rejoin Spruce Mtn 5.5 (the longer part) right before the long downhill section back to where you started.

Many different possible combinations using this, 299 or 305.

Other recommended trails in the same area:
Smith Ravine 297

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)