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Solomon Lake

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The trail is more of a gravel road and follows the Alyeska Pipeline right of way up to Solomon Lake. It starts off from sea level and tops out at 625' in about three miles. The trail starts off climbing though the spruce forest and dumps you off onto the pipeline right of way about a 1/2 mile later. The pipeline is not visable because it is buried but the scenery is nice, especally when you get to the lake. There are quite a few long, steep hills that make the ride either a challenge or a drag depending on your mood. Because of the ups and downs you end up climbing a lot more than the 625' elevation of the lake. Once you reach the bridge over Solomon Creek you take a right and follow the access road up to the dam. The lake is usually covered with ice through May and often into June. If one follows the water pipes from the dam they lead to a nice lookout of Port Valdez. The lake is also scenic and offers some history. In the early 1900's the Midas copper mine operated on the southern end of the valley and had one of the longest trams in existance at the time. In present day there are nothing but ruins but one can still see the remains of the base of one of the towers near the spill way of the dam.
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Trail Directions
Turn off the Richardson highway onto Dayville road and follow it until you come to Allison Point. There is a campground in this area as well as a pull off on the south side of the road.
Trail Length
3 miles
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Fire Roads

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