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Nebesna Road Trails

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Recommended MTB trails are (mileage one-way: Caribou Cr(2.5mi), Soda Lk/Lost Cr(12mi), Reeve Field(5mi). These are ATV trails, but nobody uses them in June-July (I mean it - ALL YOURS!). August is sheep season, so they get a lot of use then. There are some really muddy sections, but not a lot of technical stuff. Best not to wear your new $170 shoes. Xtra-Tuffs aren't a bad idea. Soda Lake is World-Class.
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Once on the Nebesna Road, look for the trailheads. The ones to the North go up into the Mentasta Mountains, the ones to the South go to the muddy flats and big lake region. An undiscovered MTB paradise...
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Many miles
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Fire Roads
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