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Keystone Canyon Goat Trail

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This trail was originally built by the Army back in the early 1900's. It was used as the All-American route for gold prospectors, freight hauling and a telegraph line. Recently the trail was brushed out to make it somewhat ridable. It is far better for hiking (bikes arn't illegal) but who wants to do something as boring and slow as that? The trail starts off going uphill but soon levels out. The views are pretty impressive, especally the one section where you skirt out around a cliff face on a trail only two feet wide. Downsides to this trail are lots of unridable sections, slow going, rocks, overgrown brush and creek crossings. Upsides? Well the views are nice, some sections are as wide as a one lane road, few people to run into, historic, hones your technical skills, good feeling of accomplishment once you make it.
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Trail Directions
Approximately 14 mile of the Richardson highway outside of Valdez in Keystone Canyon.
Trail Length
5 miles
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