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Bonanza Mine Trail

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From the turnoff near Kennecott, the trail begins a gradual climb on a wide, smooth gravel road. After a couple of switchbacks, the road gets steep and rocky. At the treeline About 2 miles up, the trail becomes quite narrow and steeper,and requires pushing the bike uphill.The last mile is extremely steep and branches into several different routes, all of which lead to the mine ruins visible at the top of the ridge. Watch out for loose talus and steep ravines alongside trail when descending. Bring bear spray and wear a helmet, gloves, and knee-pads if possible. Disc brakes reccomended.
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Trail Directions
From McCarthy take the road 4 miles to Kennecott. From the Kennecott mill, follow the trail north about a third of a mile to the sign indicating a right turn to the Bonanza and Jumbo Mines trailhead.
Trail Length
4 miles
Trail Level
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Singletrack & Fire Roads
Kennecott / McCarthy
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