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Z Boaz Park--C Track

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z boaz park now boasts a 3rd trail called C track!!! this one is a little more advanced than B track. to get there, once you cross the monster bridge that i call the "whoops" follow the trail left. (there''s a sign post that directs you to either b or c tracks. starts off with a fun lil narrow wood track feature between some trees then goes up a small hill to a large wooden feature that allows for a 6 ft. drop to transition or you can pedal it into the woods where the trail winds around and up and down through the trees and you come out onto the upper flats. after you wind back into the trees there''s another wooden track feature that you can get a 8-10 ft air off of. after that it winds thru the woods a lil more and then there''s a small downhill section to flats that can get a lil hairy b/c of the loose dirt. once onto the flats you''re near the end but just before you reach the "whoops" again they threw in another nice wooden feature thats like a small rollercoaster. this place is the bomb and allows for a lot of fun action and different routes so its hard to get bored out here. i mos def recommend it to riders who are more advanced and like to freeride.
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Trail Directions
exit winscott road off of sw loop 820/i-20 and go north. right after you cross RR tracks turn left into the parking lot. to get to B & C tracks, go straight into the park towards the BMX jumps and turn left onto the trail. follow the trail until it comes to a suspension bridge and after crossing bridge, turn left to get on C track or turn right to get on B track. both are loops that come back to the bridge.
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2 Miles
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Ft. Worth
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