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Redland / Emerald Forest Trail

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The trail is very rocky, and is downhill (sort of). You want a bike with good shocks, because it'll serve a beating. It is about a mile to Emerald Forest if you continue straight. There are many paths off it to go elsewhere, around the area. It is all offroad and very bumpy. Have fun!
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Trail Directions
There is a neighborhood in San Antonio called Redland Woods. It is off Redland Road, and is a neighborhood. To access Redland Road, on the north side of town, off of loop 1604, exit at the Redland Road exit. From there, make an immediate right. You should see a hospital called Laurel Ridge. Park in that parking lot. Ride your bike down the road heading toward Gold Canyon. Exit at the first huge telephone poles on the right.
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about 2-5
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Fire Roads
San Antonio
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