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Leon Creek Greenway - Babcock to Bandera

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There are trails to suit anyone's skill level and desires along the Leon Creek Greenway. There are some nice loop trails around the 17-acre Bamberger Park that cross through Huesta & Leon Creeks. Heading south out of the park under the Babcock Road bridge, there is a section of paved trail on the east side of the creek, or head up the hill to the right to find a jeep trail on the west side of the creek. The paved trail meets jeep trail at the pond, and I'd recommend crossing the creek to the west side to take the section of asphalt paved trail along the Parkwood subdivision park (ride courteously through here as it is a popular walking area and it belongs to the Parkwood HOA.) There has not been any trail development in this area of the creek that I've found, and I like to ride rocky terrain, but the creekbed in this area is absolutely brutal. If you ride past the playground and pavillion to the parking lot for the neighborhood park & pool, you'll find a singletrack trailhead at the back of the lot. (This is another potential access point, but it's not public property like the city parks.) There are singletrack trails south from there all the way to Bandera Road (3+ miles.) You'll find two areas of highly challenging hillsides including one near the singletrack trailhead (that is posted by the Parkwood HOA as private property) and the bottom section of O.P. Schnabel Park that has some wicked downhills and challenging climbs. Between the two hills just north of a driving range is a "bowl" area with some pretty crazy stuff worth trying. Much work has been done to develop some sweet, smooth but technical singletrack between O.P. Schnabel & Bandera Rd. The singletrack is a big improvement over the rocky jeep trail and creekbed that was previously the only accessible route I knew of to get to Bandera Rd. There is some single track on both the east and west sides of the creek in sections, so it makes for somewhat of a loop ride rather than just down & back. This may be the best trail in S.A., but Government Canyon State Natural Area will open someday, and we'll all have access to MTB heaven (if you can handle the rocks.) The City of S.A. continues work on developing the Leon Creek Greenway and someday it will rival Austin's Barton Creek Greenbelt as a premiere urban recreational greenway. Check out some trail video from the O.P. Schnabel ride video at http://www.pedalmasher.com/html/ride_videos.html.
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Trail Directions
I recommend beginning in Bamberger Park located on Babcock Road near the bridge crossing Leon Creek. To get to Bamberger Park from IH-10 on the northwest side of S.A., take the Dezavala Road exit and go west on Dezavala. Go around the bend to Babcock Road & take a right at the traffic signal onto Babcock. Cross the bridge over Leon Creek to find Bamberger Park on the right. Heading out of the park to the south under the Babcock bridge, there is a paved trail on the east side of the creek that leads to a pond or there is a jeep trail on the west side of the creek. There are a wide variety of trails that head south all the way to Bandera Road including some serious hillsides along the west side of the creek. The Greenway is also accessible by dropping into the creek from O.P. Schabel Park located at Bandera & Braun Road.
Trail Length
~10 miles
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Trails for all skill levels
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Singletrack & Fire Roads
San Antonio
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July 10, 2004

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Reviewed by: Trapper ,  Weekend Warrior

Most regular riders of the greenbelt consider it part of the OP Schanbel trailsystem. I ride with dozens of locals and can't think of one that would ride this trailsystem without including OP at some point. For those who want a tour of these trails come on out on Wed. nights at 6-6:30 and Sunday morning at 9 AM for Mass In The Grass. (MITG) Visit the San Antonio Raspa forum on www.bikemojo.com for this leaderless ride.

Recommended Route:
Park at OP. Do the Perimeter run. Drop into the greenbelt/Leon Creek. Run the Bandera Road Loop. After returning to the drop in point ride the Baumberger loop. Contrary to the inital post, I do NOT recommend using the paved area in the Parkwood Subdivision common area. Their bylaws prohibit wheeled vehicles (other than strollers) in that area and they can call the cops/make life miserable for bikers if it becomes a common sight. So, stick to the extremely rough creekbed and off the private land. Loop the Baumberger Nature preserve (nothing exciting, just mileage...) Return on the same creekbed route.

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Bandera State Natural Area.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)