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eastern section Franklin Mnt. State Parl

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on the eastern side of FMSP, that is teh part of FMSP that is east of the mnt peaks. There is an extensive network of ST and jeep roads.

there is no signage and no maps that i am aware of; but there are a network a single tracks inter-connected and accesible by jeep roads and/or tin mine road. it is home to the el paso puzzler mnt bike race(http://elpasopuzzler.com/course)

don't let the lack of info deter you...lots of riders go out there and there is extensive network of challenging intermediate to advanced to expert ST.

Slow Cow is easy intermediate ST. It runs out to cattle pens of Bowen Ranch...about 3 mi. OW. From entrance sign go about 3/4 of mi. along jeep road and turn up another jeep road to a ST crossing. this is Slow Cow and it meanders over fairly flat terrain north to Bowen ranch. there are palns afoot to extend this trail all the way to NM state line and connect with western section FMSP.

other trails run perpendicular to Franklin Mtn range. there is an extensive network of ST.

from entrance sign pass 1st ST turnoff (about 100') in and continue 1/10 mi to very disceranble Y. turn left here to ride various routes up to Tin Mine Road. if you plan it right you will drop down to entrance sign.
unfortunately there is no signage so you will have to navigate by feel. however any jeep road or arroyo will take you back to PL.

there are also ST that are west of tin mine(between tin mine and mountain peaks) with a trail even leading up and over and down into the western section of FMSP

TH is at dam at Cunningham and MLK off HWY 54. look for 2 water tanks.
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January 12, 2010

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Reviewed by: boisebomber ,  Cross Country Rider

Slow cow is easy intermediate...not much elevation change, very meandering...about 3 mi OW from entrance at dam.

other trails are intermediate to advanced to expert, usually depending on angle of attack to any given hill. these have baby heads, rocks and lots of scree so can be very challenging. the most riden loop is from entrance up to tin mine and back and is about 7 mi. but there are lots of oppty to extend this.

no signage but it is easy to reconoiter using landmarks. on weekend there are lots of riders who can clue you in.

ROAD WARRIOR (02/27/2010)
Was told by the rangers that could be done as a loop (30-35 mi) starting at the picnic area, turning right just before NM and then coming back south and returning via the notch (Mundys Gap).
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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)