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Coleto Creek

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Tight singletrack along the resevoir and though the trees toward the dam. Trail is mostly flat with a few rollers and smaller elevation changes. Trail is a loop built on a loop built on a loop built on loop(ie 3 loops) which are about 2 miles each. It totals 6.6 miles. Trailhead is between campsite 51 and 52 by the restrooms and showers.
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March 22, 2009

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 4 of 5

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 3 of 5

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Once a week

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Reviewed by: dirtdober ,  Cross Country Rider

The Cottonmouth loop(1st loop) runs by the water for about the first mile before it turns left and heads for the trees. Halfway though the 1st loop you turn right into the 2nd loop or go straight and finish out the first loop. The Pit(2nd loop) is where you will find the rollers in this trail. Half way though the Pit you will take off on the third loop which is the newest part of the trail and not packed in yet with the lack of rain we've had these last few months. The Dam loop(3rd) heads across the paved road toward the dam where you get a nice view of the water. Once you finish the Dam loop you will come back into the Pit loop. The Pit loop will then come back into the Cottonmouth(1st) loop.
If you noticed the first loop is the Cottonmouth loop and for good reason. It is the loop on the water so it's not uncommon to see a cottonmouth laying on the trail.
This is a fun trail to blast through and get you cardio going. The first two loops have matured and are riding very fast now. When we get some rain the last one should come along.
This is a park with a lot of kids riding around so don't be suprised to see kids riding on the first part of the trail but I've once you get past the first mile most of them have turned back around. I usually have the trail to myself the entire way.
This is the best trail south of the Houston trails on the Gulf Coast but I'm bias because I built the trail. If you need any info or a map feel free to ask.

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Paulzam21 (04/21/2010)
I'm new to mountain biking are there any other trails in or near Victoria?
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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)