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Thing Valley/La Posta Rd.

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Can do this as a loop or an out-n-back. The loop is described in Greenstadt''s "San Diego Mt. Bike Guide". Ride up Kitchen Creek Rd. to Sunrise Hwy then down Thing Valley Rd. The out-n-back is, in parts, an unrelentingly brutal climb, especially once you get past the Thing Valley ranch gate closure. Smooth in parts, very rocky and rutted in others. Stay off private property and the PCT, however. You could also shuttle to Mt. Laguna and get picked up in La Posta.
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Trail Directions
For the out-n-back, take I-8 East to Buckman Springs Rd., take a left at Olde Hwy. 80, drive to the little town of La Posta, hang a left on La Posta Truck Trail, park on the pavement. The road is easy to follow, just stay on the main drag and don't get on any of the side routes & you should be fine. Take lots of water & some food.
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30 Miles
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Fire Roads
Mt. Laguna
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