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Wills Canyon

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Single track/fire roads. This trail is the main entrance into the mountains where you will find several other trails all interconnected. If you are interested I have detailed GPS mapping/Google earth mapping of the entire area. The main trails are called Oso Ridge, Chaparral Ridge, and Will Canyon. There are various loops and all trails are connected. My longest ride in this area is 12mi. I rarely see anyone else out there, the occasional horseback riders. Good trails, desolate but beautiful scenery (ocean, Ojai, and Lake Casitas) at 1400 feet alt. Must cross Ventura River to access, only a problem in Winter!
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Trail Directions
Take 101 to the 33 E.,once in Oak View take a left at Baldwin, right at Rice Rd., Rice Rd. comes to a stop sign and you can go right or left only, continue left and take your first left at bottom of hill, road goes straight into Ventura River Preserve parking lot, jump fence and follow gravel road to river bottom, cross river and follow trail untill you see the signs.
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12+ if desired Miles
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Singletrack & Fire Roads
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