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Rim of the Valley Trail

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This is an easy to moderate ride with the potential for good downhill speed. Watch for people/horses/dogs in the mornings and weekends (better mid-week ride). The road dead-ends at a detention camp where you need to turn around. On the way back about 1/2 mile up you'll see a few single tracks on both sides of the road. The best developed is to the west side near a good sized Sycamore. If you drop down this, youll find a nice loop that well worth the diversion. The trail starts downhill and ends uphill. Overall: with lots of sun exposure and shaved hills, this trail makes for a less than scenic ride. But, the two streams crossing the road seem to attract lots of wildlife (early morn or late afternoon). Ive personally seen 2 bobcats, a couple dozen mule deer, and a Ca. Grey fox up close.
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Trail Directions
210 freeway to Lowell Ave (N). About 2 miles up make a left on Day St (W). About 1 mile down make a right on Haines Canyon Rd. Park OUTSIDE the first gate (Ive seen cars get locked in by the locals). Ride past the dam basin to the fire gate, jog around it and you are on the Haines Canyon trail. In about 200 yards up, take the left fork (WSW). This is the Rim of the Valley Trail.
Trail Length
3.5 miles one way
Trail Level
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads

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