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Live Oak Trail (Whiting Park to O'Neill Park)

Average Rating:    (4.5 of 5)

No. of Reviews: 2

Trail runs from El Toro Road just southeast of Cooks Corner to the entrance of O'Neill Park. It involves lots of climbing along fire roads and singletrack followed by a fun, ripping singletrack descent into O'Neill Park. Makes a good connector between Whiting Park and O'Neil if you don't want to ride on the pavement.
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Trail Directions
See directions to either Whiting Park or O'Neill Park, or you can park near the biker bar/tack shop at Cook's Corner (El Toro Road and Live Oak Canyon Road).
Trail Length
3 miles
Trail Level
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads

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Review Date
September 18, 1999

Overall Rating
 5 of 5

Ridden Trail:
Once a week

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Reviewed by: Brandon Walter , from Rancho Santa Margarita

this is a great trail, lots of hills, bring food, old camp is worth it to go all the way up, its so cool looking, it has some big trees, and some make-shift benches. the luge is an awsome decent. youre arms will be sore. it is very tiring. but its a cool ride with lots of cool views. you can see all three lakes. have fun, and dont kill yourself on the decents!

Recommended Route:
from whiting ranch, (at four corners) take the left turn, go up modjeska grade road, take the trail to the right. follow for 3 miles, you will see a fork, on the left is the road, right is the luge, go straight, and keep going another 5 miles, till "old camp". turn around, and enjoy your hard earned ride back down

Other recommended trails in the same area:
whiting ranch

jtfind (02/19/2007)
This is not a review of Live Oaks Ride. The writer is describing Santiago Truck Trail to Old Camp and back. That is a great ride, but not this one.

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Review Date
August 23, 1999

Overall Rating
 4 of 5

Ridden Trail:
Ridden Once

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Reviewed by: Christopher Broek , from Lake Forest, CA USA

First time up was a blast! Have been riding Whiting Ranch for some time now and have just discovered this trail. For anyone familiar with Whiting this is slightly more technical in places (comparable to the Cactus Trail section) and a lot more uphills. The views and serenity of the trail are awesome. A good combination of Singletrack and fire roads. It was in great condition at the time of this writing. Some of the uphills are convincingly technical as well. Come prepared to Sweat. Bring a map! the first time out we would have been completely at a loss of which way to go (lots of forks and trail options). Took about 2.25 hours to run the loop but could be done in half that or better for the riders in good shape. I give it four stars for diversity and interest the views don't hurt either. It could have a little more "white knuckle" factor for me but I plan to do this ride often.

Recommended Route:
Live Oak Trail Loop through O'neil park.

Other recommended trails in the same area:
Whiting Ranch. Borrego trail to Mustard road to Cactus Trail and down. Fun and good beginner to intermediate ride.

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Reviews 1 - 2 (2 Reviews Total)