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Liebre Mountain to Sawmill

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The road getting to the trailhead is never maintained. It is a mix of broken concrete (Not asphalt, actually concrete), rocks, and dirt. It is manageable with a car, but just be careful. When you get to "7N23", you will start a moderate ascent that lasts for a few miles. Don't stop, it gets easier! Keep to the left and avoid "7N22" which leads to a private ranch. Keep climbing, and you will eventually make it to the top. The road is usually very well maintained, and follows what appears to be the spine of a long ridge that wanders through a pine forest with incredible views, mountain top meadows, and remote campgrounds. There are many side trails so until you know the area keep to the main fire road. Approximately 10 miles or so into your ride you will experienced a great many short ascents and descents. You will eventually get to a well cleared dirt four way intersection. To the right is the Burnt Peak Radio Tower, straight is the Upper Sawmill truck trail to Lake Hughes Road (highly recommended for the fun factor), and left descends to Pine Canyon Road and Lake Hughes (easy and short ride back to pick up point in Lake Hughes). From here you just have to decide how motivated you are. For further info, read my review of "Upper Sawmill" trail in Lake Hughes. It all ties together. ... As you will undoubtably see wild animals such as bears, please read that trail review.
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Trail Directions
From Los Angeles, take 5-FWY North past Castaic Lake approximately 30 miles. Get off on HWY-138 towards Lancaster and Palmdale. Go about 4.2 miles until you are just past Quail Lake and "The White House", then turn right on "8N04", and continue up the winding road for about 2.6 miles to the old ruins of Sandbergs Hotel (rumored to be an old brothel). Park here if you want or keep driving south on the broken pavement until you get to "7N23" and a sign that says Bear Camp and Burnt Peak. Either park here for an out and back or drop off here for a shuttle ride. This is it, get ready to climb! .... Just a note, this trip could be made into an out and back ride, round trip, or a one way shuttle ride. If you have motivated, non-riding buddies I suggest they drop you off at the trail head, and pick you up again in Lake Hughes. There is a cool place in downtown Lake Hughes that locals call "The Stone Store." They serve great breakfasts, and beer. This would definately be the funnest way to fly as you could enjoy the entire ride.
Trail Length
Approx. 15 to 25 depending on the route
Trail Level
Trail Type
Fire Roads
Lake Hughes and Gorman

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July 3, 2002

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 5 of 5

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Every few months

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Reviewed by: Me again , from The dry desert


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All you city bikers scared? A few bears scare you off? Be a man (or woman if you will... ;) )...step up to the plate and ride!!! You can call me a liar later, and blame me for the waste of a day.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)