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Third Gate

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This review is an effort to connect several local Los Gatos trails for the first-time visitor. Third Gate is one of three trails that come off Alma Bridge Road after you come off the steep climb at the end of the Los Gatos Creek Trail (The first gate takes you up St. Josephs; the first one is known as Overgrown or Limekiln). It is a fireroad. The first two-thirds is alternating mid-level climbs. The final third begins with a very steep set of progressively easier climbs that will make you get out of your seat. It ends at the intersection of Overgrown/Powerpoles. If you continue straight ahead you will find the hardest frigging 1.1 mile 25 percent plus grade climb in the bay area: Dogmeat or Priest Rock.
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August 3, 2009

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Once a week

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Reviewed by: jpile ,  Weekend Warrior

Steep fireroad that connects you to Power poles/Overgrown (Limekiln)/Dogmeat (Priest Rock). Two-thirds of the way up there is a very steep section: One extremely steep climb that mellows into a switchback that will take you on another short, less steep climb, that eases and then turns sharply into a final steep climb. Climb a little further and you hit a series of ups and downs that drops you at an intersection. Turn right to climb another 45 minutes or so to connect with a trail that turns left and drops you onto Kennedy. Turn left to drop down Overgrown, a steep gravelly downhill with a few technical woop-de-doos you should be on guard for. Go straight to hit Dogmeat (Nearly unclimbably steep, especially on dry days).

Recommended Route:
Start at the Los Gatos Creek Trail off Main Street just past highway 17. Take it all the way up to the reservoir. Turn left on Alma Bridge Road after a steep, short climb (there has been a bypass for the last two years (2007-9) that takes you further up the road while they are doing construction. The first gate on the left is St. Joseph's. The second gate on the left is Overgrown/Limekiln). Then Third gate. Go into the gate ready for a short, steep ascent that veers left. Follow it to the intersection with

Other recommended trails in the same area:
Sheldon. St. Joseph's. Kennedy.

CheapWhine (08/17/2009)
This is really just the bottom of Priest Rock trail (this is what you will see on various maps). While it is the third gate past Lexington dam, I have never heard anyone else call it "Third Gate". I think the gate is labelled "SA21". The overall rating seems a little high to me as it is fairly tame fireroad, but it is a good climb with the grade exceeding 20% in several areas.

In the recommended rides, Sheldon should be Aquinas trail in the El Sereno OSP, which is at the end of Sheldon Road.

Giving trails new or inventive names makes it more difficult to figure out which trail is being referenced.
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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)