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fast, swoopy, and mostly flat, share carefully with horses and hikers, as they were there before us.
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Trail Directions
go on mill station road (off of 116), untill u get to ragle ranch road, then drive a bit on it, then turn off into the toll area, toll is $4. find the tennis courts to the right, after yuou pay,then park near them. ride down on a concrete trail, untill you get to a gravel parking lot, then go uphill, untill u get to a vantage point, this trail is only a few hundred feet long. when tou are @ rhe top of the hill, keep going downhill, then go over the bridge to continue the loop, be prepared for sand in the summer, possible stream crossings in the winter, and stairs at the end of some bridges.
Trail Length
approx 2 miles for longest loop.
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Trails for all skill levels
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April 25, 2005

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Once a week

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Reviewed by: coolfunsnow ,  Cross Country Rider

fun fun fun, till her daddy takes the t-bird away , the reason i really like it is because i can ride there from mi casa.

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there only is one

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)