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Peter Coutts Trail

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A very short, very easy, but fast and fun urban singletrack with some slightly hairy turns. Great for a few loops after work if time is a factor.
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Trail Directions
California Avenue in Palo Alto runs from the train station at California Avenue west to a dead-end in the College Terrace neighborhood. At that dead-end, you will see a footpath up a hill. Take it up and it will connect with the singletrack just off on the right, before you get to Peter Coutts road. Alternatively, go up the path and turn LEFT up the hill. There is a good view up there and place to chill. If you are on the hill looking out into the bay, the singletrack is behind you, to the left. After you hit the single track, simply go back up Peter Coutts road and hit it again. Repeat until exhausted.
Trail Length
.5 Miles
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Palo Alto
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