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Manzanita is one of the tails at the Skyline park. Some others are Chaparral, Marie Creek, Skyline and Buckeye. These are all really good trails. Manzanita is a technical route with steps, tight switchbacks,and rocks. The only drawback is the poison oak that lines the trail. The route is short -- maybe only a few miles -- but can be linked up with other trails like Marie Creek, which isn''t quite as technical (except for one small section).
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Trail Directions
North Hwy 29 Exit to Hwy 12Right on ImolaStraight until park entrance. A map is available at the park entrance (note: a few dollars entrance fee). Don't go up Skyline, it's way steep and you will just end up pushing your bike forever. Go toward Marie Creek instead, then cut off to Manzanita (or continue to the top of Marie Creek and link into Manzanita).
Trail Length
Approx 3 Miles
Trail Level
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads
United States
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