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Jumps N Bumps

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Not much but a little air time practice. Moeser has some trails in the hills but theres lots o climbing and not much distance. If you take the right one, it'll take you above the El Cerrito recycle center and beyond with some short steep decents. The Christmas Tree lot is a nice stop for a little air time if riding the Marina trail from Emeryville to Pt. Richmond (which is all paved).
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Trail Directions
Off highway 80 on frontage road between Gilman and University (where the Christmas trees are sold) theres parking. Bike the trail on the right of the old cut through road. Off in the bush theres some jumps. Under construction in winter but we'll be paddin the mud for the summer. In El Cerrito, take Moeser from San Pablo. Quarter way up the hill you'll start to see some jumps on the left in the grass. Same winter time construction for the rumpdy humps.
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.0000002 mi
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Berkeley/El Cerrito

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