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Howell Mountain

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endless single track through trees.long and short steep climbs. switchbacks, you name it.The best mountain I have ever ridden and most people agree. and best of all not too many people know or ride this spot. the only thing hard about this mountain is fiding your way around. the trails are not marked and you have to go through a lot of gates in order to get to the fun stuff. Ask mike(owner of calistoga bike shop) or mark(a great mechanic) for trail directions.the shop is on lincoln.
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go through calistoga's main street(lincoln), at the end take a right onto silverado trial rd. follow until you hit a stop light and take a left up the hill (deer park rd.) take that road up and over the mountain. at the bottum of the climb, there will be a college on your right(pacific union college) park in the lot across from the tennis courts.
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