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Foothill Offroad Velodrome

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An oval track much like a highschool running track except it has a slight uphill grade perfect for speed intervals on the big ring and a slight downhill.The turns are sweeping right handers or left if you ride counter-clockwise.There is a v-shaped trail on the west side of the track in which you turn a sharp left giving me a longer sprint up the track.The ground is firm with some muddy sections.I discovered this place after tuning up one of my bikes,testing it out and it's only a block away from my house.I work at night so riding time is limited except for my weekends where I go to Grant Ranch.I can do climbing sprints intervals for 200 yards,rest and do intervals after every lap.This builds up my top speed for the trails and climbs.Riding my rigid mountain bike works best without having to lock-out a fork.I can concentrate on speed.
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Off Edsel drive riding east toward Temple near the hills.
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