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East Bay Clclocross Series

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cyclocross course- run up hill, ride on side of hill, ride uphill, 180 degree turn and go downhill for a ways until the 2 board barrier, hop off bike and run over those, turn right, go straight, turn left in semi slippery corner, go over 1 board barrier, go up and take a 180 tun and go into several leftish turns that are gravelly, go straight through the gravel and make a left turn and go over 3 board barrier, go straight and slightly uphill for aways, go over some little dirt rise and go straight some more and then run up a short soft dirt hill, go 20 feet adn run up another longer soft dirt hill, run over some tree branches and go downhill and turn left into a very soft left turn and then right after that turn left in a deep gravel are and then go straight on level ground to wood logs that you get off your bike and hop over to left side then right then left and turn right and go up a short incline and you do it again and again.
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Trail Directions
various locations
Trail Length
30 minutes for beginners, 45 for intermediates and 1 hour for experts
Trail Level
Trail Type
Singletrack & Fire Roads
East Bay
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October 10, 1999

Overall Rating
 5 of 5

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Reviewed by: Brian , from Sunnyvale,CA

A hell of a lot of fun. Very brutal. I raced the beginner class on my mt bike. most people had cross bikes but there were some mt bikers. i got 8th out of around 40 so you can race with a mt bike. Go take off your barends and find a cyclocross race ( surf city, central coast, east bay series) The best thing about it is it cost $15.00. No $5.00 parking fee and no crappy NORBA fee. $15.00 go do it now !!! Oh another thing is that you can actually watch a cyclocross race and not be bored like every other biking race. Bring a camera or video camera and you will get some awesome shots. Have fun.

Recommended Route:
it's a race just go through the cones

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)