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Briones (Alhambra Side-Pleasant Hill/Martinez)

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Though the Lafayette side of Briones is better for training and pain, this Alhambra side is the best all-around mtn. biking Briones has to offer. Half fire roads and half single track, it's full of everything for every level: fast fire roads, snaking, smooth singletrack through forest, and gnarly, sliding, "brake-smoking" technical downhill singletrack.

To get there, take reliez valley to the alhambra staging area (there's a big wood sign) just north of carter acres lane.

The best routes?

For beginner or intermediate newcomers:
stick to the fire roads and you'll have fun. There's a trail map here http://www.ebparks.org/parks/maps you can do lots of different loops, but for first timers, an up and back to the ponds (sticking to the alhambra creek trail) is a good ride. Stay right on your way up when the fire road splits... the map doesn't show it)

For single track lovers:
#1 coming back down the alhambra creek trail, off to your right after the fire road splits (stay right going up, left coming down... the trail map doesn't show it) there's a super fun, smooth, roller coastery singletrack. You have to get off your bike to start it but that's the only time.
#2 once you get to the ponds (after going through the gate at the top of alhambra creek trail) go around to the north side of the pond and you'll see a single track in the weeds leading to the woods to the east. take it my friend. niceness follows. it dumps you on spengler and you have to either bike up and then take briones crest back to the pond and then down alhambra creek OR... go down left, for some darn good technical singletrack that starts off to your left a few hundred yards further down spengler. some log drops, sliding, smooth jumps and then you'll exit onto fireroads that lead out to reliez valley in lafayette and you have to pedal back to the staging area on the road. worth it in my opinion.

For the advanced: dude... want to test yourself? Go north past the pond at the top of alhambra creek to the top of the hill and through the next gate to briones crest (that'll be the second gate of the climb not counting the one at the staging area). hang a left and take the briones crest trail for just a little ways, keeping an eye out for a singletrack off to the left that climbs a little hill to a short fence with a bench. hop it. stay unclipped and drop! you'll start over some rocky niceness and then hit some smooth packed stuff that totally tests your technical abilites and balance. it'll put you onto the singletrack mentioned above about halfway through that ride. either go right to finish the way mentioned to spengler, OR cross it if you want to keep testing your skills. take a left on the fire road when you hit it and it'll lead you back to alhambra valley just in time for that roller coaster singletrack on the right. I ride a hard tail and did it all, but the guys who showed me were all on duals. it takes skills but if you're
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July 4, 2009

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Reviewed by: dirtyBob ,  Cross Country Rider

ride it. and for all you advanced riders, DO THE DROP RIDE FROM THE BENCH. It's awesome.

I gave the overall a 4 in difficulty because there's plenty for every ability, but you can truly, truly test yourself on some of the most technical stuff out there if you're up for it.

hoboroadie (12/20/2010)
In my personal experience, EBRPD cops can be some of the most dangerous outside of L.A. County. If you don't stay on the fire roads you may be subject to their attention, and they can't be held responsible for the consequences. Just sayin...
suvacrew (12/02/2011)
EBRPD are looking for pot heads, meth tweakers and a-holes, plus the car break ins and under age drinkers.
As for trails in Briones, there is a plethora of "social" trails that are not maintained by the park mgmnt. I've interfaced with them on on restrictions, especially on the "social" ad lib trails. At that time there was no plan to limit or ban one type of trail user, it was ban them all or none at all.
Bombing by a group of hikers or equestrians at 35-40MPH is just asking for trouble.....a little courtesy goes a long way. Give ample notice and if in doubt stop, ask and if need be dismount.
I have NEVER had an issue with the EBRP-PD in 20 yrs.
You want to see a PD that gets wacky...SDPD along Ocean Front walk when the parties spill out onto the beach!

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)