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Walker Lake

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Beautiful in the Spring with the meadow alive with wildflowers. Walker Lake (the real name is Mountain Meadows Reservoir, but no one calls it that) is a waterfowl haven with meadows, marsh, and reedy shallows interspersed with forest. Mostly flat dirt roads with some rolling. This is private forest land, but landowner consents to public use. Very little use except by locals. A couple of gates to negotiate and a few easy streams. Views of Mount Lassen, meadows, and mountain ridges. Summer gets a little brown and dusty, with Fall another great time -- Fall color and waterfowl raft up on the lake. Winter is inaccessible. Bring a canoe or kayak and paddle the lake when you are finished riding. Easy boat access by the dam. Rated intermediate for map reading skills and length. Carefully read the map, as there are a number of roads that lead off from the main ones.
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Trail Directions
A loop -- start and stop in Westwood. You can go either direction. Ride hwy A-21 about two miles to the turnoff to the dam. Cross the dam and follow the road around the south side of the lake. Or ride towards Pine Town and take the gravel road towards Mountain Meadows.
Trail Length
25 miles
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Fire Roads
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