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The Jedi

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Directions: Driving on the I-10 East out of L.A. take the the Mountain View exit. Take a right onto Mountain View Ave. (heading south) and follow it to the hills. The road essentially ends and you will see a large park (Hulda Crooks Park). Park at the end of the parking lot, close to the small dog park.

The Ride: The trail begins on the south side of the dog park. You will follow a dirt path/old dirt service road as it winds through the low lying hills. There are many diverging side roads which are great to explore if you want an extra work-out. After riding approx 1.5-2 miles you will come to a divergence of 4 roads (4 corners). A local rider has put a tremendous amount of effort and attention to building some outstanding dirt jumps that you'll see off to the left. These jumps are not for the faint of heart. The individual seriously considering these jumps should bring testosterone injections and a full faced helmet. At 4-corners the single track will begin. Follow the valley and notice all the trails dropping in on your left and right. These trails are all ride able and provide great downhill single track from the top of the Jedi. The Jedi canyon begins after a broad flat sandy spot in the trail. You'll ride around a large bush and the trail immediately narrows and the surrounding hillsides become steeper. The Jedi canyon continues approximately 3/4 of a mile to the exit. Enjoy the view from the top, Mt. San Bernardino and San Gorgornio are off to the NE.

The Downhill: Riding down the Jedi is a blast! The corners are tight, flowey and banked. You can keep your speed high and transition the corners by pumping your bike around the corners. Watch out for center ruts. There are plentiful side jumps to challenge gravity.

Alternate Downhill: From the top of the Jedi head east (left). An initial gravely hill is followed by a downhill. Before climbing the next hill you can drop into the valley on your left. You'll see a wood gap jump which continues on as "Snail Trail". This trail is tighter and drops into the Jedi. 2nd alternate: Instead of dropping in on the left to Snail Trail, climb the next hill, it's a bit steep. At the top of this hill take a left which immediately drops down the ridge line. A slightly hidden switch back cuts right leading to "Return to the Jedi" This is a phenomenal trail which will push you to keep your speed up and pump the corners. This is a local favorite! Please be respectful of the trails. Lots of hard work has been put into there creation.
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Loma Linda
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January 16, 2012

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Reviewed by: TJ Haenny ,  Cross Country Rider

I'm a local trail builder and have had my eyes set on Loma Linda for a long time. My father built some an awesome trail entitled "Sidewinder" which takes off half-way up Scott Canyon "Scott" (the main trail that dead ends at the Jedi) This trail allows you to access three awesome trails that run into Scott Canyon. If you are of the explorational type there is enough trail behind Hulda to keep you busy for a long while. If you have the chance don't pass it up.

Recommended Route:
Take "Scott" all the way past 4 corners. At about 1.75 miles you'll reach a point where there are two jumps on your right (a hip jump and a step-up). There is a trail that leading west "Monkey Puzzle" and a trail leading east which is "Sidewinder". Take "Sidewinder" all the way up. Once you reach the ridge turn right and ride across "Suicide Bowl"... (the name is fairly self explanatory) and continue up, once you have ridden a few switchbacks and seem to be reaching the top of the hill you will see a trail leading down a ridge, this trail is "The Sith". Taking "The Sith" all the way down will lead you back to "Scott". Once at the bottom turn left and proceed to ride up the "Jedi". At the top make a left, once you have made it up the two climbs you are at "Return of the Jedi"'s trailhead. Recently revamped its a totally kick-ass trail that all you berm lovers will pee your pants over. Then take "Scott" all the way back down to your car (repea x8)... ENJOY!

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)