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St. Sebastian's Fire

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This area known as the bluffs has several short steep chutes-great for lowering the seat & dropping in. Hike back up & do it all over again. If you are looking for a trail ride, don't come here, but if you want to have some fun, play around on some steep/loose and test your bravado it can be amusing. Very short, very steep loose trail. Can you clear it all the way down? How about up? Other trails in the area (Pedro's Garden, Canyon Dew, Pacifico-there's a lot of options, just pick one & drop in!). Not as rocky or rutted as some of the laguna steep, but a good warm-up to that area.
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405 Freeway to Brookhurst, south to Adams, east to Placentia, enter Fairview Park & ride.
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Costa Mesa

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