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Sierra Buttes Lookout Tower

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Death incarnate. Just be in pretty damn good riding shape before tackling this ride. It also helps to have some technical skill as the trail nearly all the way to the top is on loose, rocky trails or dusty OHV trails. However, the views from the top of the lookout tower are ineffable. You just have to get up there and see for yourself. I have some pictures up on some website, but I won't share them since it might give you an excuse to not do this ride. According to my altimeter, we did 5,260 feet of climbing in 12.5 miles.
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Trail Directions
From Downieville, take 49 north to Sierra City. Park in town. Turn on Butte Street towards the Sierra Buttes. At the first intersection, turn left towards the dump. At the dump entrance, turn right onto a fireroad. Climb 5,260 feet to the lookout tower. Half a mile or so before the stairs to the tower is a gate. You can ride past this gate all the way to the bottom of the stairs of the lookout tower.
Trail Length
12.5 miles
Trail Level
Trail Type
Fire Roads
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