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Sherwood Multi Use

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About a mile long, great fast all DH run if you start from 20 and ride down to CampOne. There are alot of dangerious but fun berms, dont over shoot them or you'll go off a cliff. There are a few jumps but not many, this is mostly just for speed.

It starts out as single track and finishes as widetrack.

Watch out for hikers and horses, they can be a pain in the ASS if you come up on them un noticed. Make sure youre well announced before you come around a blind corner. if you see any motos, well your heads off ath them for me would ya?

Also, check out M-line in a few months when work has been started on it. It will be at the bottom of the powerline dip and thru the brush and across the road.
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June 19, 2009

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Reviewed by: Ruger ,  Weekend Warrior

Camp One/ Trestle Trail Loop. Twenty-one mile loop on State Forest roads and Single track.
Narrow Canyons and high breezy ridgelines.

Recommended Route:
Get a Free Map at the Jackson State Demonstration Forest Office in Fort Bragg.
Drive to Camp One, (6 Mile marker from the 1)
Ride out of Camp One.
Take the Sherwood trail (362) up the canyon to the 1000 (There are several routs). Ride East along the ridge until you get to the 1070 and take it to the trestle trail. The Trestle trail (well Marked) trail follows the North Fork of The South Fork of the Noyo River. 4 miles down of Beautiful Wilderness single track, Poison Oak, Cascading Creeks, Disappearing trail, Narrow Canyons, Deer Ticks, and old Log TrainTrestle remnants and other cool sruff. The trail ends at Camp 8, Then a short way back to camp 1.

Other recommended trails in the same area:

Lots of roads, and a single track at camp one. Also Bobs Woods Trail And Waterfall Grove.
All Worth riding.

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)