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Refugio Mountain Road

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I guess this trail is good for me because I live right here. It acsends pretty good with some grades steeper than others. It's an old road, so it's fairly wide. Great views. I'd say 6 or seven miles to the top. But once you're there, you got some killer ocean views. From here, you have the choice of bombing the route you came, or descending all the way down to Refugio beach, for a dip in the sea and a frosty one. This is for the die hards because going all the way back is pretty grueling.
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Trail Directions
From 101, take either the 246 or the 154 into Santa Ynez. Refugio road is right next to the high school, or a little past the Indian casino. Drive down all the way until the road closes and it's all dirt. It's all uphill from there.
Trail Length
6-7, or 16+
Trail Level
Trail Type
Fire Roads
Santa Ynez

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